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What is Eternal Baseball?

The Greatest Players in Baseball History Have United for Your Beloved Teams to Play the Finest Season Anyone’s Ever Seen

Think of your favorite team.

Picture its best players of all time, combined on one roster, playing a full season against 31 other all-time great teams made up of their best players.

One of those teams (the Birmingham Knights) is made up of the greatest players that ever played in the Negro Leagues.

Imagine the fear-inducing lineups, the incredible matchups, the pennant races and all the drama as the best players in baseball history compete head-to-head in one amazing season.

On any given day in Eternal Baseball, you could see:

Satchel Paige striking out Mark McGwire for the third time in the game.

Cy Young throwing over to first to cut down the size of Rickey Henderson’s lead.

Willie Mays lining a Clayton Kershaw curveball down the third base line just past the diving glove of Pedro Guerrero.

Mickey Mantle tracking down a long fly ball to center off the bat of Manny Ramirez.

This is Eternal Baseball.

The best baseball ever!

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