Eternal Baseball

Your favorite team.

Its best players of all time.

A season against the other all-time great teams.

All the stats, the pennant races and the drama.

This is Eternal Baseball.

The best baseball ever!

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Eternal Baseball Podcast

Episode #23

“I guess you didn’t know Don … was money.


In the twenty-third episode of our podcast you’ll get:

– The Late Shift!
– Tampa on a 4-47 stretch!
– Manny Ramirez has a day!
– Augmented … ?
– “But I didn’t say by what!”
– The jumping mouse!
– The weekly recap!
– Montreal health issues!
– Tales of John Olerud!
– We sim the A’s versus the Brewers!
– Rickey time! Bunter?
– Chief Bender and his surgical cap!
– Mike Caldwell?
– Reggie Jackson’s sunglasses!
– Beeping stadiums!
– Cecil Cooper!
– Brewer slide debate!
– More crackling microphone!
– “Get Steinbach out of there!”
– King Kelly!
– Suicide squeezes!
– Walking in runs!
– Homeruns while we’re troubleshooting!
– Geoff Jenkins mistaken identity!
– “Add it to the libel pile!”
– Roto pays close attention!
– Don Money making it rain!
– “He’s got that ‘you’re going to pinch hit for me?’ look to him.”
– Jeromy Burnitz making plays!
– Darrell Porter, gunslinger!
– Discussions of weird pitching deliveries!
– Stories of Vida Blue and Catfish Hunter!
– “Still leading the league in total smug!”
– Ken “Odenkirk” Sanders!
– “Prince Fielder, who’s not going to third, right?”
– Rollie Fingers!
– Bonds and Fielder armory!
– Working blacksmiths!
– Rocky IV, male appreciated!
– Don Money, money!
– Debatable baserunning decisions!
– Weber’s thug-life glasses!
– “I guess you didn’t know Don … was money. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!”
– Poor managerial choices!
– And a good time was had by all!

Today’s Games

Players of the Day

Randy Johnson

9 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 5 K

Mariners ace Randy Johnson took down the N.L. West-leading Giants today, hurling a three-hit shutout and striking our five in Seattle’s 2-0 blanking of San Francisco. “The Big Unit” leads Seattle with eleven wins and 289 strikeouts.

Carson Kelly

3-4, 2 R, 4 RBI, 2 2B, HR

Arizona catcher Carson Kelly turned up the heat today with a 3-for-4 performance that included two runs, four RBIs, a pair of doubles and a solo homer in the Diamondbacks’ 10-1 beatdown of the Twins. Arizona is warming up, winners in three of their last four series.

League Leaders & Box Scores

Visit the forum of your favorite squad to view team-specific box scores.

Why Eternal Baseball?

Eternal Baseball

The April morning air had the crispness of spring, and the overnight dew glistened on the greenest grass you’ve ever seen. The temperature steadily rose as the sun stared down overheard through a cloudless sky.

Soon the people would arrive, anxious to pledge another season’s allegiance in their mutual cathedrals. It happens every year, and yet it never gets old, never loses its universal optimism, its cathartic electricity.

In Miami, Jose Fernandez awaits as Joe Morgan digs in the batter’s box.

John Candelaria’s head whips around as Todd Helton sends a sure double screaming to left field.

Floyd Bannister’s heart sinks as Shoeless Joe Jackson’s lined shot to right field sneaks around the foul pole.

Jorge Soler slices a single just over a leaping Xander Bogaerts, and heads to the dugout as Bo Jackson enters the game as a pinch runner.

Astros ace J.R. Richard surprises everyone with a 3-run homer off Brandon Webb.

Tom Seaver walks off the mound in Citi Field as David Cone trots in from the bullpen.

Greg Maddux second-guesses the change-up Buster Posey just pounded out of Oracle Park.

Jim Palmer strikes out Derek Jeter on a devastating slider.

George Bell doesn’t even move as Pudge Rodriguez’s 3-run homer soars over his head and into the Rogers Centre seats.

Satchel Paige strikes out his eleventh Ray of the evening.

Bobby Abreu’s single plates Ed Delahanty, but Dick Allen tests Andre Dawson’s arm and loses.

“The Big Train” Walter Johnson punches out Mark McGwire three times.

Miguel Cabrera rips a Nolan Ryan curveball off Wally Joyner’s glove, allowing Lance Parrish to score.

Sammy Sosa takes a frustrating walk back to the dugout as Max Scherzer smiles.

Ken Caminiti hopes he gets the ball back that he just hit out off Sandy Koufax.

Paul Molitor lashes a line drive toward center field, but Francisco Lindor snares it on a low hop, and flips it to Nap Lajoie to force out B.J. Surhoff at second base.

And that’s just on Opening Day.

The greatest players in the history of baseball have united for your beloved teams to play the finest season anyone’s ever seen.

Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio argue over who plays left field while Babe Ruth laughs at them both.

Frank Robinson never got traded, and Bo Jackson never got hurt.

Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson play forever.

Tim Raines and Vladimir Guerrero still suit up for Montreal.

Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige finally get to play against all the best competition every day.

Welcome to Eternal Baseball.

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Birmingham Knights Logo

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We couldn’t be happier with his work here, and we are so proud to offer the first look at the logo and wordmark for the Birmingham Knights.

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