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Baseball returns to Montreal, ready to exorcise the ghosts of 1994 behind the phenomenal talents of Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Vladimir Guerrero, Moises Alou & Andres Galarraga. Youppi! has never been more excited!

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Pre-season Game #01 – Montreal Expos at the Philadelphia Phillies

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Active 26 Man Roster

Catchers & Infielders:

  • C – Gary Carter (1B)
  • C – Darrin Fletcher
  • 1B – Andres Galarraga
  • 2B – Jose Vidro
  • SS – Orlando Cabrera
  • 3B – Tim Wallach
  • 3B – Larry Parrish (RF)
  • CI – Bob Bailey (3B/LF)


  • LF – Vladimir Guerrero (RF)
  • CF – Tim Raines (2B/OF)
  • RF – Andre Dawson (CF)
  • OF – Moises Alou (LF)
  • OF – Rondell White (LF/CF)
  • RF – Rusty Staub (1B)

Starting Pitchers:

  • SP – Steve Rogers
  • SP – Ken Hill
  • SP – Scott Sanderson
  • SP – Bill Gullickson
  • SP – Dennis Martinez

Relief Pitchers:

  • CL – Jeff Reardon
  • SU – Tim Burke
  • RP – Woodie Fryman
  • RP – Jeff Fassero
  • RP – Mel Rojas
  • RP – Ugueth Urbina
  • RP – Mike Marshall

On the Farm

Catchers & Infielders:

  • 1B/LF/CF/RF – Ron Fairly
  • SS/3B/RF – Hubie Brooks
  • 2B/LF – Delino DeShields
  • C – Michael Barrett


  • LF/CF/RF – Ellis Valentine
  • 1B/LF/RF – Henry Rodriguez
  • CF – Marquis Grissom


  • P – Dan Schatzeder
  • P – Pascual Perez
  • P – Andy McGaffigan
  • P – Chris Nabholz
  • P – Steve Kline
  • P – Bill Stoneman
  • P – Bryn Smith

Building the Roster: Montreal Expos

I find all the teams in Eternal Baseball interesting due to the mix of players from across more than a century of baseball. I have my own personal favorite teams as well, but two teams I find myself firmly rooting for here are Montreal and Birmingham.

Birmingham makes obvious sense, as the segregation of the Negro Leagues was inherently unfair and racist, and I love the story of the greatest Negro League players coming together to compete against MLB’s best every night.

For Montreal, I always felt it was heartbreaking that the dynamite 1994 team didn’t get to finish the season. I think they would have beaten the first good Yankees team in a decade in a World Series that would have driven huge ratings. With a title under their belt, the Expos’ fortunes would surely have changed and maybe baseball wouldn’t have left Montreal after the 2004 season.

The team we built here is the best of Expos (not Nationals) players, guys who wore the blue between 1969 and 2004.

With every team, we started building their all-time 25-man and 40-man rosters by using the Hall of Fame as a starting point, figuring that a player enshrined in baseball’s immortal Hall would certainly qualify to make his team’s all-time roster. Almost all the Hall of Fame members are easily identifiable with one team so it’s a simple way to start every roster with near-inarguable selections.

Notable players Montreal had to fight for were Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Larry Walker, Vladimir Guerrero, and Andres Galarraga.

Andres Galarraga

Montreal: 8 years, 1 All-Star, 0 MVPs, 10.2 WAR, .269 AVG, 424 Runs, 473 RBI, 115 HR, 56 SB

Colorado: 5 years, 2-time All-Star, 0 MVPs, 14.5 WAR, .316 AVG, 476 Runs, 579 RBI, 55 SB

Andre Dawson

Montreal: 11 years, 3-time All-Star, 0 MVPs, 48.4 WAR, .280 AVG, 828 Runs, 838 RBI, 225 HR, 253 SB

Chicago: 6 years, 5-time All-Star, 1 MVP, 18.7 WAR, .285 AVG, 431 Runs, 587 RBI, 174 HR, 57 SB

Larry Walker

Montreal: 6 years, 1 All-Star, 0 MVPs, 21.1 WAR, .281 AVG, 368 Runs, 384 RBI, 99 HR, 98 SB

Colorado: 10 years, 4-time All-Star, 1 MVP, 48.3 WAR, .334 AVG, 892 Runs, 848 RBI, 258 HR, 126 SB

Vladimir Guerrero

Montreal: 8 years, 4-time All-Star, 0 MVPs, 34.7 WAR, .323 AVG, 641 Runs, 702 RBI, 234 HR, 123 SB

L.A. Angels: 6 years, 3-time All-Star, 1 MVP, 22.8 WAR, .319 AVG, 544 Runs, 616 RBI, 173 HR, 52 SB

Gary Carter

Montreal: 12 years, 7-time All-Star, 0 MVPs, 55.8 WAR, .269 AVG, 707 Runs, 823 RBI, 220 HR, 34 SB

N.Y. Mets: 5 years, 4-time All-Star, 0 MVPs, 11.4 WAR, .249 AVG, 272 Runs, 349 RBI, 89 HR, 2 SB + 1 World Series Title

Actually, most of these are pretty easy decisions – Vladimir Guerrero and Gary Carter are clearly Expos, while Larry Walker’s best seasons were in Colorado.

Montreal edges Chicago for Andre Dawson, and although Andres Galarraga’s contribution was greater in Colorado, he would be their third-string first baseman (behind Todd Helton and D.J. LeMahieu) but he would start for Montreal.

It’s better for the league entirely to have “The Big Cat” prowling first base for the Expos.

As with every team, we are trying to build an active roster with 13 position players and 12 pitchers, and then a 15-player inactive roster of guys who just missed the cut, but remain valuable as callups in case of slumps or injuries.

The 13 active position players are usually two catchers, six infielders, and five outfielders. The stats are built around the average of the player’s best three consecutive seasons.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame gives us a good start here. Cooperstown gives Montreal Gary Carter, Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Raines, and Andre Dawson.

In a different world they’d get Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez too.

What? Too soon?

The Hall of Fame gives us four of our 40-man roster, and WAR (Wins Above Replacement), a great stat for looking at the all-around contribution to a team for both hitters and pitchers, can help us with the rest.

We get lots of help here, as in order we find: Tim Wallach, Marquis Grissom, Randell White, Rusty Staub, Bob Bailey, Ron Fairly, Ellis Valentine, Jose Vidro, Warren Cromartie, Ron Hunt, Moises Alou, Larry Parrish, Mike Lansing, Brad Wilkerson, Andres Galarraga, Hubie Brooks, Orlando Cabrera, and Delino DeShields.

Each team needs at least three catchers, so Darrin Fletcher, Michael Barrett, and Chris Widger get some consideration as well.

Once plugged into the simulation software, we looked at their OPS (on-base + slugging percentage) and their defensive rankings and they break down like this:

CATCHER: Gary Carter, Darrin Fletcher
FIRST BASE: Andres Galarraga, Rusty Staub
SECOND BASE: Jose Vidro, Tim Raines (sometimes)
SHORTSTOP: Orlando Cabrera
THIRD BASE: Larry Parrish, Bob Bailey
LEFT FIELD: Vladimir Guerrero, Moises Alou
CENTER FIELD: Tim Raines, Rondell White
RIGHT FIELD: Andre Dawson

It’s a deep and talented outfield, so don’t be surprised if Tim Raines gets some at-bats at second base.

That leave inactive roster options Ron Fairly, Ellis Valentine, Warren Cromartie, Michael Barrett, Tim Wallach, Marquis Grissom, Hubie Brooks, and Delino DeShields.

For the pitching staff we’re looking for six starters and six relievers. Bear in mind that across the whole game you will see dynamic, outstanding starting pitchers that can’t crack an all-time rotation but are better served as relievers on a team than sitting inactive.

For the pitching staff we’re looking for six starters and six relievers. Bear in mind that across the whole game you will see dynamic, outstanding starting pitchers that can’t crack an all-time rotation but are better served as relievers on a team than sitting inactive. With 21 players on the total roster we have room for 19 pitchers.

Once we dug into the career WAR rankings (as an Expo) we came up with these names: Steve Rogers (Cap?), Dennis Martinez, Javier Vazquez, Bryn Smith, Jeff Fassero, Bill Gullickson, Tim Burke, Scott Sanderson, Dustin Hermanson, Pascual Perez, Ken Hill, Tomo Ohka, Mel Rojas, Tony Armas, Dan Schatzeder, Charlie Lea, Andy McGaffigan, Jeff Reardon, Steve Renko, and Ugueth Urbina.

Shorter but distinct Expos tenures put Steve Kline, Mike Marshall, Chris Nabholz and Floyd Youmans in the conversation as well.

We looked at their overall numbers in the simulation software and leaned heavily on ERA to come up with these designations:

STARTING ROTATION: Steve Rogers, Ken Hill, Dennis Martinez, Pascual Perez, Dan Schatzeder, Jeff Fassero
RELIEVERS: Andy McGaffigan, Mike Marshall, Mel Rojas, Ugueth Urbina
SET-UP: Tim Burke
CLOSER: Jeff Reardon

Jeff Fassero could join what looks to be a dominant bullpen, but it looks like Montreal need him more in the starting rotation.

The inactive pitcher options are Charlie Lea, Steve Kline, Floyd Youmans, Scott Sanderson, Chris Nabholz, Bryn Smith, and Javier Vazquez.

So how did we do?

If the Expos were your favorite squad you know them better than us.

What did we get right?

Where did we go wrong?

Would you put Jeff Fassero in the rotation or in the bullpen?

How much time would you let Tim Raines spend at second base?

Are you comfortable with Orlando Cabrera as the only shortstop on the active roster?

What batting order would you suggest versus lefties and righties?

Let us know in the forums below and if you make a compelling case we will adapt it in-game. We want every squad to be the best they possibly can be and appreciate your help fine-tuning the Expos for Eternal Baseball.

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