What is Eternal Baseball?

What is Eternal Baseball?

Okay, so what is Eternal Baseball?

Imagine your favorite team.

A roster of its best players of all-time.

Playing against 31 other teams with their all-time best players, including Montreal and a team selected from the Negro Leagues.

How will your favorite team do when facing the best-of-the-best day in and day out?

Eternal Baseball sims these match-ups and reports the game results, the intriguing matchups, the statistical high points, the ebb-and-flow of the season and the playoffs until the champion is crowned.

You get a front row seat to watch this alternative baseball history unfold in real time.

This is Eternal Baseball. 

The best baseball ever!

Learn about the gentlemen behind Eternal Baseball.

Learn about how the players were chosen and the team rosters were constructed.

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